iRedMail 0.9.6 disponible

Ya antes se hablo de iRedMail aquí en mi blog, ahora les traigo la última versión hasta ahora del 23 de enero del 2017, es decir, hace sólo 16/17 días. Por problemas de trabajo[tiempo mayormente] no pude actualizar a tiempo, por lo cual pido disculpas.

Como siempre, yo lo empaqueto listo, con dependencias y todo incluidas, así que no hay que configurarle nada, ni necesita descargar nada de Internet, sólo ejecutarlo y a instalar…

Aqui les vá:


Y las notas de la versión:

iRedMail-0.9.6 stable release has been released.

Download it:

Upgrade tutorials are available here:

We offer paid remote upgrade support if you don't want to get your hands dirty.

Below are changes since iRedMail-0.9.5-1:
Supports new distribution release

Ubuntu 16.10. WARNING: Ubuntu 16.10 will end of life in July 2017, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS edition is recommended for a production server.

OpenBSD 6.0. OpenBSD 5.9 is not supported anymore.

FreeBSD 11.0


iRedMail Installer: Able to choose not to install web server and web applications.

Use rsyslog (requires version 8.x) instead of internal logging system for Dovecot on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 16.04, 16.10.

rsyslog is default syslog program on CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. With rsyslog, we're able to discard log messages which matches given regular expressions if it produces too fast. for example, HAProxy performs health check every few seconds for POP3/IMAP (and other) services, we can easily discard those health check related logs to save disk space.

Switch Awstats user authentication from SQL/LDAP to basic auth based on file, Awstats is now available for both Apache and Nginx.


Add HSTS header for Roundcube, iRedAdmin, SOGo.

Add sample config files to run Roundcube, iRedAdmin, SOGo as a subdomain.

Roundcube webmail:

Enable plugin `enigma` by default for PGP encryption. WARNING: The plugin uses gpg binary on the server and stores all keys (including private keys of the users) on the server. Encryption/decryption is done server-side. So, this plugin is for users that trust the server.

If you get error `Identity must have a user name defined` while first trying to generate gpg key, please add a name for your email account in Roundcube: `Settings -> Identities`.

SOGo: List all contacts by default in SOGo global address book.

FreeBSD: Switch from OpenSSL to LibreSSL by default.

Fixed issues

LDAP backends: mail accounts (user, alias, list) are still active when domain is disabled.

Fix the HTTPROXY vulnerability in Apache and Nginx. Reference:

Not convert domain name and email address to lower cases while creating mail accounts with scripts tools/create_mail_user_*. Thanks Santosh Gupta < _at_> for the report.

SOGo: Not correctly redirect access to https in Apache.


Not enable opportunistic TLS support for remote smtp clients.

Incorrect HELO restriction rule which causes Postfix rejects smtp session with HELO "[IP_ADDRESS]" (with squared brackets).


Not allow access to '/.well-known/'.

Not forward real client IP address to SOGo.

Config file for catch-all virtual host `default.conf` has been renamed to `00-default.conf`, to make sure it will be loaded before other virtual host config files.

Roundcube webmail:

Missing cron job used to clean up old Roundcube temporary files (bin/

Not set proper file owner (apache/nginx) and permission (0600) for config file of password plugin.

iRedAPD: Not add FreeBSD Jail IP address as trusted client. This causes mail delivery failure while sending to user under same domain. Thanks Erez Zabusky <erez_z _at_> for the report.


not enable uwsgi service.

not create symbol links for PHP programs.

Updated packages

Roundcube -> 1.2.3

iRedAPD -> 2.0

iRedAdmin -> 0.7

uwsgi -> 2.0.14 (OpenBSD only)

FreeBSD: php-7.0, mysql-5.7

Como siempre les digo, un saludo y ojalá les sirva.

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  1. gracias puedes decirme si este viene en su version pro o es la version para la comunidad sin iredadmin pro, necesito el iredmail pro es decir el que tiene la version con iredadmin pro o plus.


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